Are you having problems losing weight through diets or will power alone?

Are you eating right and exercising but your body weight won't come off?

Melbourne Hypnotherapy specialist Charles Vella provides effective Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions to help you reduce your weight and get your health back on track, get help today call Charles on 0418 848 121.

Melbourne Hypnotist Charles Vella provides weight loss hypnotherapy and Hypno Wellness Therapy weight loss techniques to help with motivation and support for an all over mind-body weight loss experience. 
Charles also works closely with a highly experienced weight loss nutritionist if you require meal plan  education and support programs.

Charles has helped many clients with emotional eating  and weight loss with a combination of hypnosis, life coaching advice, Hypno Wellness Therapy and an in-depth knowledge of the subconscious psychology of overeating, emotional eating, emotional subconscious fat storage and eating disorders. This combined approach ensures that once the weight comes off, it stays off.

How does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy work?

Weight loss hypnotherapy combined with Hypno Wellness Therapy utilizes the power of your subconscious to create a mind-body shift , and helps to: 

  • Remove the desire to eat sugary and fatty foods, or to overeat
  • Provide motivation to exercise and lead a healthier life style
  • Produce stronger feelings of strength and determination
  • Improve self esteem, confidence and positive thinking
  • Improve stress levels and give you tools and techniques to cope with stress
  • Resolve any past events which maybe connected to subconscious weight gain

Through these processes you will feel in control of yourself, your weight and your life. Why wait any longer for the slim and fulfilled you to start living?

What is involved in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy?

During your first session, an assessment will be made and some behavioral questions are asked. This provides vital information which contributes to the success of the treatments.

Most of the time Weight loss Hypnosis or Hypno Wellness Therapy will also be carried out during this first session and over subsequent sessions weekly or fortnightly.

Once Charles has helped you to subconsciously start shifting your body weight and get you progressing with your weight loss goal he then promotes self-reliance.

You are welcome to attend further motivational exercise or weight loss sessions until you reach your goal weight. Charles utilizes hypnosis, Hypno Wellness Therapy and NLP techniques for long-term effectiveness.

How long is the treatment and how much does it cost?

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy / Hypno Wellness Therapy treatments can consist of up to four sessions over a period of five to six weeks depending on your level of comfort, progress and success. Session fees can sometimes be at the forefront of your mind when considering using a Hypnotherapist to assist with your weight loss goal, Charles believes trust, rapport and therapist experience should be your first considerations.

Would you like to meet with Charles in person to discuss your condition and how he can help you?

Would you like to decide if Hypnotherapy is what you’re looking for before you pay for a session? It is possible!  To contact Charles call on  0418 848 121  to request a session or use our contact form to send Charles an email. 


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