Melbourne Hypnotherapy specialist Charles Vella provides effective Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions to help you stop smoking cigarettes and get your health back on track, get help today call Charles on 0418 848 121.

Charles Vella is one of Melbourne's ‘Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Specialists’. Charles has a solid background of experience helping clients to quit smoking by using a unique combination of hypnotic techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in sessions that really work.

Q. Does  your  smoking  habit  seem  to  'make no sense'  any  more?

Q. Do you notice your health declining and believe it's time to quit cigarettes?

Q. Do you want to Quit Smoking but find yourself out of control?

A. If so, let our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy help you finally stub out the habit.

Smoking is one of those habits that most people start when they are young and they usually think ‘I’ll stop when I’m older', or 'I'll stop whenever I want to’. Then, when you think you really should stop - because you're aging prematurely, your chest starts wheezing and your partner or family hates it - you find you can’t. It can be very hard to Quit Smoking through sheer will power alone, but it can be made easier with the help of our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy.

If you think about it, you tend to have outdated beliefs or relaxation relationships with cigarettes. The outdated part of the cigarette relationship was formed by a younger you, usually when you first started smoking. This relationship changes through hypnosis and NLP, by working with the unconscious part of your mind where the belief around cigarettes is stored.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy can also help alleviate fears you may have about giving up, including putting on weight, dealing with the chemical withdrawal and feeling stressed. The outcome of our Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions is to be a non-smoker who feels good, is healthy and relaxed, saves money by not buying cigarettes anymore, and is confident about being a non-smoker. Stopping smoking through hypnotherapy is a Win-Win situation.

What's involved in our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy?

Some background information about you and your smoking habits are noted, so your sessions are individually tailored for you. This includes noting trigger times, fears and potential obstacles that need to be eliminated for the treatment to be successful.

The majority of clients Charles treats for Quitting Smoking achieve excellent results by quitting in their first session, And it's not a one hit wonder treatment..! The reality is YOU are not addicted so powerfully to the Nicotine, more so the TOXIC poison chemicals that Tobacco is processed and treated with these days... but even these chemicals soon leave your body, its even more so the Psychological anchors or associations and beliefs that keep you hooked.  So for your reassurance there are as many follow up sessions as required, to increase success and your comfort level, to ensure you succeed and the positive effects stick.

No.. I do not offer FREE follow up sessions.  Why?  When something is FREE it is taken for granted and abused and Quitting smoking is something you want to be 100% committed to.

Ok.. So how will I feel?
You will feel relaxed and in control throughout the session, you will be offered positive suggestions for change and feeling good about achieving this goal to Quit smoking once and for all. Your first session lasts for up to two hours and follow up session are one hour.

RELAX about the money it costs to kick the habit and stop smoking... You will make back your session fees in approximately one month based on a $25 a day smoking habit and then the rest of the money for the year is yours..! and you start improving your health immediately!

What is not involved in Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy?

No pain or discomfort No major life changes No dangerous drugs No patches or pills No needles or lasers

Would you like to meet with Charles in person to discuss your condition and how Hypnotherapy can help you?  One hour in office person to person assessment consultation is only $50. If you decide to go ahead this will be deducted from your first session fee.

Would you like to decide if Hypnotherapy is what you’re looking for before you pay for a full price session? It is possible..!  To contact Charles call on  0418 848 121  to request a session or use our contact form to send Charles an email. 


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