Lack of integrity causes bad health


1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
2.The state of being whole and undivided.

What does integrity mean to you?
What would you; are you; doing in your life that doesn’t fit into the Dictionaries meaning of integrity?

Your business is your own business right? No one has the right to butt into your affairs or lack of integrity… if you are at a lack of integrity… and who should throw stones when many of us live in glass houses..?

There are many people who live out of integrity each day in many ways, living with the negativity of their actions or telling untruths, in jobs that pay really good money even though fulfilling the role of that job places them way out of integrity… And if they didn’t fill that job, if they didn’t get paid well to lie, cheat and hurt people in the name of profit or company culture… someone else would right..?

Well you are right. If they didn’t do it someone else would… Have you ever noticed that those people’s health is declining the more they do things which hurt other people, maybe headaches are more common than they used to be… perhaps stresses seem to affect them more easily, they seem to just feel generally unwell more and more… or suddenly they complain to you that they can’t sleep as well as they used to and anxiety is starting to set in..? Perhaps some recreational gambling might help or alcohol – just to try and forget..?

These are actually signs that the energetic karmic universe is catching up and that’s one part of the universe that can’t be cheated. Living a life with a lack of integrity or intention of harm towards others will always balance out in the universe.

What about working in a job you hate, there is a negative culture, backstabbing, blame throwing and finger pointing… And you get paid well to stay at that job and pretend it’s not happening around you? Maybe you even start backstabbing your work colleagues because everyone else is doing anyway right..?

Your body’s energy and subconscious integrity will always know when you are living your life at the effect of someone else’s happiness… and your immune system will suffer; I see many clients who come in at their wits end, suffering with chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression and feeling very unwell because they have either been living out of integrity and causing someone else pain or they are at the effect of being treated soo badly that their emotional pain is manifesting into physical symptoms.

So is it worth it?
The big bank loan to go on holiday, buy that house that was too expensive in the first place or the loan on the car? Is this stuff keeping you in a job you hate, keeping you in a job that takes you out of integrity each and every day? Got to be liar, cheat, fake it to make it to make sure the bank gets its money back.

No judgment – This is not about being judged by me or anyone else externally, this is about your own karmic energy balancing out your life according to your actions.

Working in a culture that is negative is the same as working in a petroleum plant or toxic chemical plant and being exposed to the harmful chemicals each day. I remember working in a negative, backstabbing cultured workplace and each day I used to wake up feeling dizzy, frustrated and negative and thinking there was something wrong with me.. there was - I hadn't left yet..!

The lifestyle people think they are working towards at the cost of others happiness or their own integrity will eventually be the lifestyle that will lead to physical illness or psychological issues.

Integrity doesn’t necessarily mean right or wrong, it simply means something is working or it’s not. If something is working and you are causing no hurt or harm… keep going it and keep well. If it causes hurt or harm to others or yourself… it’s time to rethink your choices.

Charles Vella 2015.