Is Gambling sending you to the poor house?

Is Gambling sending you to the poor house? Gambling ruins peoples lives, their families, friends, everyone is impacted by a gambling habit. Is your gambling habit spiraling out of control..?

This week I sat with a client that had been gambling for just over 10 years, Pokies to escape the pressures of life and to try and win back some of the lost money to pay off debts accumulated by gambling.. Its a no win viscous cycle of a small win followed by a big loss...

After asking lost of questions about my clients life and gambling habit we were able to go back to a childhood memory - age 5/6 - walking along the street and found a shiny coin on the ground... feelings of LUCK and euphoria remembered then followed by a memory of giving mum the money (the coin) cause she needed it more than my client... So we have two states anchored here:

1, euphoria of LUCKY find of money (happiness)
2, feeling good about giving it to someone else and not keeping it.

After working on this memory I was able to reason with my clients subconscious identity of "LUCKY" and "money giver" to help my client understand that the adult behavior of this repeated pattern was not a successful strategy - the subconscious agreed to change the behavior and stop gambling...

So far so good... No gambling since the session - we need to still follow up for one or two more sessions but so far we have a solid result and the client is very happy.

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