Healing body Aches & Pain Using the power of your Mind

Natural Wellness by Charles Vella.

Mind Body focused therapy is one of the many natural treatments that people turn to for chronic pain when pharmaceutical medicine doesn’t work.  My Hypno Wellness Therapy is based on age-old healing techniques, integrated to address psychosomatic conditions (mind & body connected aches and persisting pain). 

Have you injured yourself and should that injury have healed by now..?
Are body aches & pains creeping up and persisting much longer than they should…? 

Emotional traumas, negative emotions and daily stresses can affect specific nerve, energy and meridian points in the body; both muscular skeletal and organ tissues can become compromised and unwell.  Natural Hypno-therapeutic techniques are very popular in many countries, such as in the UK, Europe and US. Australians are now using natural therapy solutions more and either as an alternative or complementary treatment.

It really is amazing how our subconscious minds hold the key to our wellness and can promote symptom relief and healing from many types of pain naturally – from headaches to migraines, lower back pain,  joint pain and the list goes on. But how does Mind Body therapy work? My Hypno Wellness Therapy techniques work to release the flow of the body’s vital energy or "chi" by stimulating points along the energy pathways while working in with the issue and its emotional significance. Unlocking negative emotions cause the body to release tension in the muscles, nerves and joints and boosts blood flow while changing brain activity and promoting natural healing.

Some people might believe hypnotherapeutic treatments provide nothing more than a placebo effect – temporary shifts. However, studies into mind body focussed therapies are beginning to demystify the science behind it. Meta Medicine is one idea that proves the direct link between common diseases and emotional impacts or shock conflicts.

Hypno Wellness Therapy for Various Types of Physical issues

Many people who suffer from low back pain who don’t get relief from standard treatments often find relief from Hypno Wellness Therapy sessions, emotional pain or stress can exist before, during and after the injury has occurred and keeping the physical pain trapped. My natural treatments are also effective in alleviating headaches and migraines, Hypno Wellness Therapy may also be a helpful addition to standard treatments for fibromyalgia clients, helping with the fatigue and anxiety.

Dental pain can often be amplified by firstly the fear of dental work or dentists, then associated emotional feelings after the dentistry or remembered childhood experiences at the dentist. By releasing these stored emotions or tension tooth pain and swelling after a surgery or extraction can be reduced and the healing process speeds up.

Hypno-therapeutic treatments have also been used in cancer care, particularly in chemotherapy because it has the ability to lessen not just emotional / physical pain but also nausea and vomiting, which cancer patients experience during treatments.

Many people use Hypno-therapeutic therapy to deal with other kinds of pain, such as neck and muscle pain, and even stroke victims can benefit greatly. Since it is a natural therapy, patients taking medications can undergo Hypno-therapeutic treatments easily and safely. It is even more effective in alleviating pain when combined with other therapies, such as massage, herbal treatments and acupuncture.

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