Lack of integrity causes bad health


1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
2.The state of being whole and undivided.

What does integrity mean to you?
What would you; are you; doing in your life that doesn’t fit into the Dictionaries meaning of integrity?

Your business is your own business right? No one has the right to butt into your affairs or lack of integrity… if you are at a lack of integrity… and who should throw stones when many of us live in glass houses..?

There are many people who live out of integrity each day in many ways, living with the negativity of their actions or telling untruths, in jobs that pay really good money even though fulfilling the role of that job places them way out of integrity… And if they didn’t fill that job, if they didn’t get paid well to lie, cheat and hurt people in the name of profit or company culture… someone else would right..?

Well you are right. If they didn’t do it someone else would… Have you ever noticed that those people’s health is declining the more they do things which hurt other people, maybe headaches are more common than they used to be… perhaps stresses seem to affect them more easily, they seem to just feel generally unwell more and more… or suddenly they complain to you that they can’t sleep as well as they used to and anxiety is starting to set in..? Perhaps some recreational gambling might help or alcohol – just to try and forget..?

These are actually signs that the energetic karmic universe is catching up and that’s one part of the universe that can’t be cheated. Living a life with a lack of integrity or intention of harm towards others will always balance out in the universe.

What about working in a job you hate, there is a negative culture, backstabbing, blame throwing and finger pointing… And you get paid well to stay at that job and pretend it’s not happening around you? Maybe you even start backstabbing your work colleagues because everyone else is doing anyway right..?

Your body’s energy and subconscious integrity will always know when you are living your life at the effect of someone else’s happiness… and your immune system will suffer; I see many clients who come in at their wits end, suffering with chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression and feeling very unwell because they have either been living out of integrity and causing someone else pain or they are at the effect of being treated soo badly that their emotional pain is manifesting into physical symptoms.

So is it worth it?
The big bank loan to go on holiday, buy that house that was too expensive in the first place or the loan on the car? Is this stuff keeping you in a job you hate, keeping you in a job that takes you out of integrity each and every day? Got to be liar, cheat, fake it to make it to make sure the bank gets its money back.

No judgment – This is not about being judged by me or anyone else externally, this is about your own karmic energy balancing out your life according to your actions.

Working in a culture that is negative is the same as working in a petroleum plant or toxic chemical plant and being exposed to the harmful chemicals each day. I remember working in a negative, backstabbing cultured workplace and each day I used to wake up feeling dizzy, frustrated and negative and thinking there was something wrong with me.. there was - I hadn't left yet..!

The lifestyle people think they are working towards at the cost of others happiness or their own integrity will eventually be the lifestyle that will lead to physical illness or psychological issues.

Integrity doesn’t necessarily mean right or wrong, it simply means something is working or it’s not. If something is working and you are causing no hurt or harm… keep going it and keep well. If it causes hurt or harm to others or yourself… it’s time to rethink your choices.

Charles Vella 2015.

Is Gambling sending you to the poor house?

Is Gambling sending you to the poor house? Gambling ruins peoples lives, their families, friends, everyone is impacted by a gambling habit. Is your gambling habit spiraling out of control..?

This week I sat with a client that had been gambling for just over 10 years, Pokies to escape the pressures of life and to try and win back some of the lost money to pay off debts accumulated by gambling.. Its a no win viscous cycle of a small win followed by a big loss...

After asking lost of questions about my clients life and gambling habit we were able to go back to a childhood memory - age 5/6 - walking along the street and found a shiny coin on the ground... feelings of LUCK and euphoria remembered then followed by a memory of giving mum the money (the coin) cause she needed it more than my client... So we have two states anchored here:

1, euphoria of LUCKY find of money (happiness)
2, feeling good about giving it to someone else and not keeping it.

After working on this memory I was able to reason with my clients subconscious identity of "LUCKY" and "money giver" to help my client understand that the adult behavior of this repeated pattern was not a successful strategy - the subconscious agreed to change the behavior and stop gambling...

So far so good... No gambling since the session - we need to still follow up for one or two more sessions but so far we have a solid result and the client is very happy.

If you or someone you know needs help with Gambling contact me for confidential and impartial help.

Emotional healing at the subconscious mind body level.

Emotional healing at the subconscious mind body level.
Permanent emotional shift therapy.

Case Study using Hypno Wellness Therapy  with Client:  Arthur – age 63 years old – Male

Presenting Issue:  Arthur is a successful Director of a very big business, multinational operation Engineering based. Confident man, sure of himself and a gentleman.

Arthur’s presenting issue is that he has a wall up in regards to relationships, he notices it when emotional events have happened and moves quickly into survival mode and negates allowing himself to feel connected to the people or the event.     

Arthur has also been made aware of this behavior by the female partners he has had in his life and would like to be able to feel authentic love and emotions with people, especially his female partner.

Memories have been identified:
Arthur has memories charged with emotions of fear Suds level 10+ and sadness Suds 6+.
SUDS - Subjective Units of Distress

The first memory Arthur Identified / remembered is when his father locked him in the garden shed for not going to school and left him in there the whole day.

The second memory Arthur has is being chased by his dad and eventually caught and whipped with river reeds until he was cut and bruised.

First is the explanation of what we are going to do as a therapy session, using NLP, Hypnotic conversational language and Hypno Wellness Therapy: I explain to Arthur that I will be using a technique very similar to acupuncture and without the need for needles, I explained that it will help to let go of the negative emotions associated with the memories of the events so that they do not impact him anymore… the memories will become insignificant to both the conscious and subconscious minds.

Arthur is very open and willing to start his session.


Working first on the memory and feelings of being locked in the shed:  
Age between 6-7 yrs old

The memory starts with Arthur leaving home, he didn’t like going to school and used to double back home after mum and dad would leave to go for work.

This particular day he went home only to find dad still home and got locked in the garden shed until dad returned home again. The shed is dark, small and very basic. Its black dark and no light enters the shed.

As Arthur remembers the memory his first reaction is a freeze response as he opens the door and dad is home. First emotion is FEAR.

Suds level of fear is 10+, belief is “I’m in big trouble now” Feeling like he is glued to the ground, tightness in chest and weak in the legs… Feeling like I’m stuck.  

After applying Hypno wellness therapy;  the fear is zero and his chest and legs feel normal again. The memory continues; father now takes him out to the garden shed and says “I’ve got to get to work and since you are not going to school you can stay in here for the day”.

As the shed door is closed and locked from the outside Arthur is just sitting in the shed feeling alone, Suds level 7 on feeling alone, no emotions he replies “I’m actually feeling quite calm about the situation.  ( as this memory has been thin sliced in segments and the remembered emotions discharged along the way… at this stage the mind and body can remain calm and relaxed..)

As the memory progresses Arthur says “dad is home and opening the shed now” There are no emotions, Arthur is looking at his dad and dad looking back at him.. 

I asked Arthur, is there something dad could have said here to change the way this occurs now… Arthur said yes,  I requested that Arthur create the conversation in his mind / memory and hear what his father should have said… Arthur broke into tears as anything said at that moment was better than the nothing which was not said.

Emotion is sadness, SUDS 8 feeling it in heart, after applying Hypno wellness therapy  the sadness is gone… I ask Arthur if a hug from dad in this situation would be good, he said yes….  I asked who is going to do the hugging… he said “ it will have to be me”  as Arthur imagines hugging his father he sheds more tears… only these are tears of happiness and he now says “I feel connected to my dad now”.


The second memory that Arthur wants to work with is when he was being chased by his dad and eventually caught and whipped with river reeds until he was cut and bruised.
Age between 12-13 yrs old.

The memory starts as he was down by the river side on their family property and had been told by dad not to go down to the river side without an adult…  Dad catches them and yells at them “what are you doing down there, I said not to be here”

In the session – real time - Arthur looked confused… I asked what’s going on? Why does your face look confused?  Arthur replied “ I know I’ve been caught but I don’t want to run away from dad “ I asked well what are you going to do… Arthur replies “ I’m going to walk up to dad and say I’m sorry for being down by the river “  I said good and suggested … look him in the eyes when you apologise.

Arthur does this, his father in Arthur’s mind now just stands there and looks back at him but doesn’t react and finishes off the memory walking in front of his farther all the way home, when they get home I asked Arthur if he feels this would be a good time for another hug from dad? Arthur replies “yes” he says “I feel confident, warm all over and safe”

Subconscious shift has occurred in Arthur's mind, energy and thoughts;

The second memory had changed all on its own without having to do much to it, once Arthur had been present to his dad in the first memory and connected to dad, the second memory didn’t make sense the way it originally occurred and he was re-writing the memory as he was remembering it.   Arthur’s brain created a new altered memory based on a shift that we made in his previous memory.  An emotional mind / body healing has occurred.

At the completion of our session, I asked Arthur:
Is it okay to hug people? He said yes

Is it okay to open up to people with your feelings? He said yes

How do you feel right now? He said, warm, safe, confident and exhausted.

Job Done:

For Arthur connecting to people was difficult because subconsciously it was unsafe due to a hand full of scary experiences with his father at a very young age.  The result of this session and emotional shift will be that Arthur won’t keep up a wall when wanting to get close to people, he will feel safe and confident in all kinds of relationships… especially romantic ones.


For more information on what might be possible for you from participating in one of my sessions, simply contact me via the contact me information on this website.

Healing body Aches & Pain Using the power of your Mind

Natural Wellness by Charles Vella.

Mind Body focused therapy is one of the many natural treatments that people turn to for chronic pain when pharmaceutical medicine doesn’t work.  My Hypno Wellness Therapy is based on age-old healing techniques, integrated to address psychosomatic conditions (mind & body connected aches and persisting pain). 

Have you injured yourself and should that injury have healed by now..?
Are body aches & pains creeping up and persisting much longer than they should…? 

Emotional traumas, negative emotions and daily stresses can affect specific nerve, energy and meridian points in the body; both muscular skeletal and organ tissues can become compromised and unwell.  Natural Hypno-therapeutic techniques are very popular in many countries, such as in the UK, Europe and US. Australians are now using natural therapy solutions more and either as an alternative or complementary treatment.

It really is amazing how our subconscious minds hold the key to our wellness and can promote symptom relief and healing from many types of pain naturally – from headaches to migraines, lower back pain,  joint pain and the list goes on. But how does Mind Body therapy work? My Hypno Wellness Therapy techniques work to release the flow of the body’s vital energy or "chi" by stimulating points along the energy pathways while working in with the issue and its emotional significance. Unlocking negative emotions cause the body to release tension in the muscles, nerves and joints and boosts blood flow while changing brain activity and promoting natural healing.

Some people might believe hypnotherapeutic treatments provide nothing more than a placebo effect – temporary shifts. However, studies into mind body focussed therapies are beginning to demystify the science behind it. Meta Medicine is one idea that proves the direct link between common diseases and emotional impacts or shock conflicts.

Hypno Wellness Therapy for Various Types of Physical issues

Many people who suffer from low back pain who don’t get relief from standard treatments often find relief from Hypno Wellness Therapy sessions, emotional pain or stress can exist before, during and after the injury has occurred and keeping the physical pain trapped. My natural treatments are also effective in alleviating headaches and migraines, Hypno Wellness Therapy may also be a helpful addition to standard treatments for fibromyalgia clients, helping with the fatigue and anxiety.

Dental pain can often be amplified by firstly the fear of dental work or dentists, then associated emotional feelings after the dentistry or remembered childhood experiences at the dentist. By releasing these stored emotions or tension tooth pain and swelling after a surgery or extraction can be reduced and the healing process speeds up.

Hypno-therapeutic treatments have also been used in cancer care, particularly in chemotherapy because it has the ability to lessen not just emotional / physical pain but also nausea and vomiting, which cancer patients experience during treatments.

Many people use Hypno-therapeutic therapy to deal with other kinds of pain, such as neck and muscle pain, and even stroke victims can benefit greatly. Since it is a natural therapy, patients taking medications can undergo Hypno-therapeutic treatments easily and safely. It is even more effective in alleviating pain when combined with other therapies, such as massage, herbal treatments and acupuncture.

Want to find out more?  Contact Charles Vella on 0418 848 121.

Over Coming Life's Issues Using Natural Therapy

Everyone experiences difficult times.

Some days life just doesn’t work out the way it should, and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to stay positive.  Our relationships can become frustrating, we might feel unloved or uncared for and taken advantage of.

Then there are those moments when we experience persistent feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety and we don’t know why.  And throughout life this has occurred, challenges are a part of life and we have to get through the bad times, move forward in life, and be happy at the end of the day.  

It’s called “transformational growth”… an experience that forces us to grow and learn.  

The problem we as people face sometimes is trying to deal with life’s challenges all on our own.  For most people, the willingness to improve and transform our life seems impossible because of the traumas we may have experienced since childhood, or even as an adult …  Traumas such as loss, rejection, abuse, neglect, and even unrealistic expectations set upon us from our parents or ourselves .

Even daily persistent conflicts we encounter at home, at work and in our personal relationships make us less emotionally and physically resilient, often prolonged periods of Anger, sadness, fear (Anxiety) and guilt can have negative effects on our physical health and more obviously our mental and emotional health. 

This is where effective natural Hypnotherapy comes in.

Therapies are available in many forms; Psychotherapy and Counselling therapy either with a GP, psychologist or counsellor are more common, these therapies however may also lead you down the path of Anti-depressant medications and dependence in one form or another.

From a natural therapy perspective Clinical Hypnosis and other natural therapies such as Mind Body focussed emotional release therapies are proven to have excellent results when used by a qualified hypnotherapist for anxiety, stress and depression.  Choosing to use hypnotherapy for health will always be drug or medication free; my holistic therapies also work in with herbalists or naturopaths for pharmaceutical drug free alternatives.

 Is therapy only for mentally unwell people?

There’s a common belief that therapy is only for mentally unwell people and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental disorder to get a useful outcome from natural, relaxing therapy.  Professional therapy is not just about “talking your problems through” you could possibly do this with your closest friends, neighbours or family members.  Professional therapy is about finding judgment and opinion free solutions to your most common concerns; even if you think they are not all that significant.

My therapies may involve, writing about your thoughts and emotions or bullet point notation of your traumatic or emotionally challenging life events.  You may be working through your past experiences so that you are no longer affected by them, and changing some of your views about your life or circumstances. ( If your past events are embarrassing and private you can keep your privacy and we can still get a great result ). Through therapy, you get the chance to talk about life events that you never had a chance to talk about, or deal with as a young child and effectively let go of those experiences. Therapy gives you a safe and secure alternative for self-expression.

Through it, you may realize that it is okay to feel, express, and explore your emotions, particularly those that you have tried to repress for so long.

Therapy can also be a good place to find out more about yourself and explore many areas of your life that you haven’t paid attention to in the past.  You can identify your strengths and weaknesses, amplify your capabilities you never thought you had, learn to accept yourself, your flaws, and move beyond your self-imposed limitations.  Imagine being able to be happy with who you are today and improving the quality of your life for tomorrow.

Anger, frustration, hate, anxiety, and fear

Anger, frustration, hate, anxiety, and fear – all of these negative emotions are normal but can also make us say or do things we really don’t want to do. Negative emotions can be so powerful as to change who you are and compromise your health and well-being.  Being angry, frustrated, hateful, anxious, or constantly fearful can make people you love go away, and make you less likely to maintain close relationships with those who mean the most to you.  

Subconscious out of control negative emotions are often hard to stop.

Anger as an example; Once you feel it, it’s hard to control its explosive release… Uncontrolled anger damages relationships with friends, family, work colleagues and our emotionally significant partners. Working with me (Charles Vella) and using hypnotherapy effectively for anger can help you work out where your negative feelings and emotions come from and why they are there, those connections will be disconnected so that you feel calm again and coping strategies are a thing of the past. 

Conquer the world’s silent killer – STRESS.
Stress is unavoidable and makes our lives more difficult, it is often the root cause of many work and relationship problems.  Sleepless nights from worry and stress from finishing projects or office paperwork, or those special gatherings you’re hosting or don’t want to attend. Stress can really make you irritable (IBS), ... grumpy (anger),... tired (chronic fatigue), and less likely to make good decisions (cloudy mind-poor concentration).

My Hypno Wellness Therapy sessions for stress and anxiety are non-medication techniques to relieve the stress and calm the anxiety, techniques such as stress release hypnotherapy, Hypno Wellness Therapy and other mindfulness-based practices like deep breathing and relaxation.  Most importantly, my therapy can help you get to the root causes of your stresses and finally deal with them.

Improve the quality of your life with Charles Vella clinical hypnotherapist

Whether you are dealing with a medically diagnosed mental issue, or you simply want to overcome life’s day to day issues much easier, my natural therapy solutions can really help.  Dealing with negative emotions, overcoming stress, regaining your self-confidence, getting over anxiety or depression and more can be achieved. Many of my clients find their journey into therapy to be rewarding and relaxing, some clients never assumed that after a few therapy sessions they would become a “renewed” person – someone who is emotionally resilient, someone who no longer struggles with stress uncontrollably, or someone who doesn’t feel anxious anymore in life, yet many of my clients have achieved these things and more.

Remember challenges are part of life; you’re not human if you don’t experience negative feelings or harsh events.  Hypnotherapy is not a “magic wishing wand” for all your life’s problems,  It’s not going to take away your current problems or prevent the new ones from coming along…  But  – it can be of great help by getting you to a place beyond coping strategies, and by helping you re-frame your thoughts, see more of the positive side of things and transform your life significantly, leading you towards happiness and satisfaction.

Make a positive change today, contact me – Charles Vella registered member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association and Melbourne clinical hypnotherapist  on 0418 848 121.